Friday, January 27, 2012

FLower Power Pens A'La GEE WHIZ

Hello all, and HAPPY Friday!
Today’s tutorial Will be My FABULOUS Flower pens. You know those pens that are so beautiful and whimsical, and as a matter of fact,  Easy Peasy?!?
Usually found in doctors offices, or any offices of that matter, now YOU too can make them, but of COURSE with a GEE WHIZ Twist. 

I add FABRIC scraps to them. In between the petals. Here we go!

• Faux flowers
•Different fabric scraps
• Pens (Plain ball point with a smooth surface.)
• Foral tape (one of my FAVORITE things to craft with)
•Wire cutters

First off, Dismantle the flower petals. Take apart your flower (I LOVE using two or three different types of flowers to get beautiful color arrangements)

Take a contrasting piece of fabric (s) that you’ll be “sandwiching” in between the petals, and draw a flower shape on the back, and cut out.
**You want to draw your flower pattern on the back so that It wont show up on the front**

When you’ve cut out the flower pattern, cut a smallish hole/slit with your scissors right in the middle so the top of the flower can slip right through.

Start Layering your pieces... 
And put the middle through all of them.

Make sure you use the back green part to “Form” your petals into a beautiful flower.
Pretty colors!

Use the stem you dismantled off of the flowers and cut it using your wire cutters so that it is about 1/2 the length of the pen.

Hold in place, and start wrapping with your floral tape!


Stop, GEE WHIZ, and Smell the flowers. Add some pretty perfume, and smell em' up! PERFECT for the Writers Bouquet!


  1. Girlie.....these are GREAT! I LOVE how you can find little ways to add a piece of YOU into everything that you do!! Keep it up chica!! :0)

    1. Aw Lady! Thank you SO Much!!! Love you and your input :)

  2. I like that they are so easy to customize to your own taste!

    1. Thanks SO much Pattie. That was the Idea ;) now go make some! :)