Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lady's E's Pet Peeves 2016

Some of things that bother the hell out of me, although small, they are in our everyday lives, and completely annoying! And I know I’m not alone here....

  1. Wait, I’ve seen this before: When you scroll through face book, and you see a really good pic of someone, you like it very quickly, then realize you “Unliked” it because you already liked it before. So you gotta like it again. UGH.
  2. Taking those movies on NETFLIX Instant for Granted: When you have a subscription to Netflix, you take the movies you have on DVD fro granted on there, because, you think, I have the DVD, but then the movie leaves, it kicks rocks off of the “instant play” list and ALL of a SUDDEN you have this Inkling to want, no, NEED to watch the movie you have on DVD but are waiting in a huge ass line, or are on a trip where you don’t HAVE the DVD in your possession...  DOH’!
  3. Hi-ya Pal: When you THINK you’re being waved to (in public or in a car) ,you take a split second to try and remember HOW you know the person, HOWEVER, you don't but don’t want to be a dick and leave them hanging... HOWEVER, when you wave back, they give you the Same look you just gave them, because, it wasn't YOU they were waving to. AWWWKWARD!
  4. No, Thank YOU: You’re walking Behind someone in a store, or where ever, and they DON’t hold the door for you. UGHHH, I ALWAYS give them a Loud THANKS, Thanks a lot! That’ll fix their wagon!
  5. Not for you: You pack a lunch, you're being a good and responsible adult... You bring food carefully selected because you liked it... You come to work and place it into the communal work fridge. Lunch comes around and you go to get your lunch, however, only 75% of it can be eaten because the rest has been stolen from a mindless, inconsiderate jerk off. If you didn’t bring it, IT’S NOT YOURS. I label my food  with a sharpie saying “NOT YOURS”. That’ll Teach em’
  6. Mail Call: When you live in a complex, Condo, apt. Etc... You hardly ever get the mail... but when you do, you make the trip, usually SOOO FAAAR away from your residence... you get there, open it up (Mind you, hadn't checked for DAYS)... and NADA Not even a tire flyer. That's just wrong. P.S. Where's the lost art of WRITTING letters? I'm Bringing it back! 
  7.  REALLY??!?!?!?: You know DAMN well, you see that Hipster walking down the street, and they have NEVER, ever Listened to that Led Zeppelin Album, let alone earned the right to wear that t-shirt they beaming with glee THINKING they are pulling the wool over all of our music loving eyes. 
  8. Meat Loathe: Ground Turkey is NOT Ground BEEF.... don't even try to LOAF it up. It's lighter, less filing, and just don't do it... Anything worth doing, is worth doing right! 
  9. I did NOT need to see that: People who Seem to think it's ok to POST things you can not un see.... i.e.  images Beaten children/dogs, the unfortunate sickness of babies, beached whales... JUST STOP. I'm aware, but don't want to be reminded of the horror this world has on  happy social media site. Besides, If YOU can stomach it enough to look at the horror, and RE-post, I think you are mental and need to be examined.  Leave it to POSITIVE announcements and happy days. 
  10.  Yuck Butt: In a PUBLIC restroom, you have to pee, doing the pee dance, and you put           down a couple of  seat covers... You sit down, and cold porcelain hits your under-                 area.... You just have to bare it, then later on in the day, obsess about the germs on your seat warmer. EWWWWW!

I guess you would call these "First World Problems" but none the less, these annoyances will forever make me grind my teeth. Let me know of any others you may think of.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Disco naps are the best

It so refreshing a nice to come home and take a nap or I like to go it a "DISCO Nap". The hustle and bustle of every day life needs to take a little rest sometimes. I get up everyday between the hour of 5:15 a.m. and 5:30 a.m.  (depending on what time I go to bed usually around 11 p.m. to 12) that's when my sleepy time  usually kicks in. I've been an insomniac for quite some time now. I usually like to sleep with my journal  next to my bed because I have premonitions. My mind ever rests... I'm always creating, I'm always trying to do something more with all of the hours that we are allotted in one day. "DISCO NAPS" are crucial in my everyday life and if you don't I highly suggest you do it. When you're  younger,  you don't realize what a blessing sleep is.... 10 minutes to half hour of sleep can do wonders for your skin your mind your body and your soul. Never underestimate the power of a good shut Eye!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Little FRIDA Doll

is my end all be all when it comes to Art, Fashion, Inspiration, and BAD ASSERY!!!!

I created a doll which I will begin to sell on my ETSY later on this month.

She's the Lil' FRDOCHA and I'm in LOVE!

Check her out...

She's made of Miscellaneous Fabrics and Flowers I had in my craft room, ALSO Puffy paint!
 Dia de las FRIDA!

Lets all Celebrate LIFE and all the beauty what comes with it!

xoxoxoxox POR VIDA oxoxoxoxoxox

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

McFarland USA Movie Review

 I saw the Movie McFarland USA Last night. It is the true and remarkable story of the Track team formed in 1987. This story is based in central California, and centers around one of the poorest cities in the country. Immigrant workers, and mainly Mexican –American families. I had a strong sense of pride when I watched this film. Not only do I Identify with the culture deeply, but My roots, OUR roots, are strongly signified within the body of this film. It spoke to me and although I am a HUGE movie buff,  this one, I felt I had to write about.

The reality of this story is, all of the HARD working pickers we come from. And when I say WE, I mean all of the immigrants that formed this country, that rooted us as a people, that made CALIFORNIA what it is. That made this Country the melting pot it is supposed to be... WE, our people, our parents, our grandparents,  are STILL here, doing all of the work that really, no one else would do. Hard working, striving for a better life. This story screamed SUCCESS, COMMUNITY, and PAY OFF. I am loosely quoting this, however, there is a part in the movie where one of the boys,
Jose Cardenas, writes a poem for the school. Talking about “when they run, they become the earth, they are the earth” Cultura. Raza. Jenté. I instantly saw the Mexican flag, the eagle with the snake in it’s mouth, perched on a cactus,  in my head. The Flag that my parents always had hanging around with PRIDE. I come from such proud people. Both in relation by blood, and culture. I identified myself within the story, because, even though these boys story were brought up with a completely different situation than myself,  it had parts within the FAMILY, that were  the same. The sense of community, drive, and strength were all identifiable.

Needless to say, no matter WHAT background you come from, this movie, is a must see. My spirit is rejuvenated. My pride, strengthened. We’ve only got this one life. Do SOMETHING to make your mark in it. Whatever obstacles you may have, Grow from the dirt, don’t become it. It CAN and WILL be done. 

McFarland IMDB

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Plate Stand!

How to Make this....

˙Paint brush˙PLAIN glass plates/Little pitcher/Carafe for the base˙E-6000˙Glitter blast Spray˙Paint to match your glitter blast
˙BAD ASS Image for your plate
˙Little Doo-hickies for showing off!

Now, We Start!
Cut out your image, and MOD PODGE it to the back of your plate…

Let dry for about 15 mins…
(Don't worry, it will all be covered up in reverse!)

While its drying, fill up your little base with your findings!!! (SO FUN)

After your plate has dried, now SPRAY!!! 
GLITTER that UP!!!!

(As you can see, It is kind of "Spotty", 
so thats why you paint the back the SAME color as your glitter…)



When you E-6000 the base to the plate, make sure you have something HEAVY on it!

All Done!
Look at the NEAT stuffings!

Ain't She a BEAUT!

Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY Glass Jars into BAD ASS Vases!

Are YOU like ME and don't have the heart to throw away your Spaghetti Sauce/Salsa Jars after you're done? Do you wash them and stick them into a cabinet for Lord know WHY?  Well, My Hoarding Friend… I've got a SOLUTION!!!

All you need is:
•Tissue Paper (For gift wrapping)
•Your jar(s)
•Some watered down glue
•A paint brush
•An image you'd like to forever smile at
Glue Gun
•(OPTIONAL….Glitter, accents, etc…)

Tear pieces apart… (There are no Mistakes…)

Mix in Water with your glue...

Paint on a THIN layer onto your glass piece for your starting off point…

add one of the TORN pieces and brush on MORE of your Glue water


LAYER and LAYER until all covered...

NOW… Let dry for about a couple of hours….

Pick your image… (I LOVE pre and post GEMMA ;) )

~~~Brush on… REMEMBER THIN layers~~~

Let dry for about an hour or so, just keep an eye on it...


I LOVE a good *BLING* Border!

WAH LAH!!!!!! 
Stick some flowers in there and you have yourself a WINNER!!!!

When you do this project, LEAVE a comment with which jar/image you used!!!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

12 Steps to SELF Care.

I TRY to live this everyday, and need to follow these rules specifically.... Some days its’ easier, and others, I fail, BUT, my faith lifts me and all I need to do is find my INNER peace and stay in tact within. I’m an open book to anyone that wants to read me. I have been through Hell, up and down, and all around, and if you don’t know, just ask. I’m not afraid to tell my story. NO ONE should EVER be. It’s what makes the person who has gotten yourself THIS far on this path. EVERYONE has demons they are fighting, past, present and/or future. It’s inevitable, but is ALL about how we Act afterwards. What MAKES us. It’s not what we’ve been through, but how we are formed after the fact. Sometimes, the following “RULES” Just Slip away, without my knowledge, and others, I’m as happy as Bob Ross’s Hair Pik. Ha!

My beautiful cousin posted this, and I’d like to share.... And follow, as much as possible.

12 steps to Self Care.... 
1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it 
2. Say EXACTLY what you mean 
3. Don’t be a people pleaser 
4. Trust your instincts 
5. Never speak bad about yourself 
6. Never give up on your dreams 
7. Don’t be afraid to say NO 
8. Don’t be afraid to say YES 
9. Be kind to yourself 
10. Let go of what you can’t control 
11. Stay away from Drama and negativity 
12. LOVE 

SIMPLE right? NOW, go get out there and MAKE Happy your LIFE!