Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Good bye to 2011. 2012 will be the year, like all the others, to bring Luck, Success, and Love of HAPPY. Not to mention Sad, fright, and un-lucky. That’s what Life is. A HUGE toss up. And you know what. It’s OK. It Inevitable, and if we were to see the future and all of what it entails, Life would be SO Boring! May you who are reading this be blessed, and Love LIFE this year and the 80 after it! LIVE IT UP. Call up an old friend. GO out more. Don’t be afraid... To let them show.. Your TRUE COLORS! Haha!

Forgive all of who you want to forgive and Who cares if you don’t want to forgive those who don’t deserve it. Those people didn’t make the cut in your future, or maybe ever. YOU be HAPPY. YOU control your life ahead and make it GRAND!

This year I’m MOST Grateful to have Hendrix, My Boston Bless our lives. He is the most Beautiful soul, and I am So in love it’s CRAZY.

Be Kind. Make things. CREATE. Eat what you love. Work it off if YOU want. Life is going to happen whether you like it or not, so.. Why Not Grab your HAPPY and LIVE IT!


• Learn how to embrioder
• Make Hendrix a Cape, because he NEEDS one.
• Create a MOVIE Club.
• Cook More things I’ve NEVER tired cooking.
• Write more
• Correspond more not through electricity, but personally.

Happy NEW year as this is my Sign off for 2011. I dig you people who are reading this. I’m Thankful for you!

New Blogs in the NEAR Future! Let’s LIVE!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hello You Wonderfuls!
Today will be the launch of a Brand New GEE WHIZ Tutorial!

Say Hello to the Patch Pendant!

So If you are ANYTHING like me, You are a bit of a hoarder. There’s just too many passions and loves of mine, that I tend to collect and hoard different do-dad’s, knick knacks, and just Cool STUFF!

One of my BIGGER Random collections are patches. RANDOM patches. They are Too cool, that I tend to hoard them, and store them away.. I do not want to commit to iron them onto anything because It have commitment issues, (and not afraid to admit it!) I get all anxiety... Blah blah blah..... HOWEVER, I came up with an idea that knocked my socks off, and made me happy to proudly display (And inner change) my cool patches at ANY time!!

Here we go!

These are the supplies you need:

•Glue gun
•Your Random patches
•Different Types of felt... And/or thicker ribbon for the backing
(The more Contrast, the better)
(if its not an Already made necklace chain, Tools to measure and create your own!)

Let’s get Started!!

Get your patch, and measure up to your backing of your choice (felt, ribbon, ribbon on felt...Whatever you Want!)
 ***In this case, my ribbon of choice is too small for my patch, so I will cut 3 different pieces to glue***

Glue the patch onto your “backing”

Cut around its shape (The more “Shapely” the better it looks!)

Grab a piece of felt, and measure about 2-3 inches (Depending on the size of the patch you are working with)

HOT GLUE top part onto the back of the “backing”

Place your chain in the middle, and HOT GLUE the bottom.

MAKE SURE there is room for the chain to slip around...

WAH LAH! ROCK IT OUT and Show off your Patch attire!

All... My... Friends... know the LOWRIDER! haha!