Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lady E’s Pumpkin Vase Floral Arrangement!

Lady E’s Pumpkin Vase Floral Arrangement!

HALLOWEEN is JUST around the corner! My FAVORITE time of year.

This is a project that I absolutely LOVED to do. Very Easy, and the possibilities are endless. My girlfriend and I had a Craft night, and it was such great therapy!

Here’s what you be needing to get started!

*A Carvable Fake Pumpkin
(Side note: You can also switch out the fake pumpkin for a real one as wel as use real flowers and sprinkle glitter onto the whole thing for a fancy event if you’d like. I want mine to last FOREVER! Ha.)

*Fake flowers of your liking
*Glue gun
*Plastic Creatures

*Wire Cutters for flower stems


-Fancy rhinestones / flat backs

-Fake web
-Glitter glue pen...

Oh, yeah... and Munchies and Wine are a MUST!

Lets get it all started!

Here we go!

Grab your pumpkin and start cutting around the top, like you would a Real Pumpkin.

Start adding your glue, then sprinkle glitter, in a "DRIP" pattern around the opening.

Add another layer of GLITTER if you'd like....


My Friend Anna Getting DOWN!

Add Your Critters with a glue gun.


More BLING the Better!

Stick a Dowl into the inside to hold the "Lid" in place and start poking the flowers through.


Anna's Bad ass Creation.....

My Creation(s)...

DARKer Arrangement first. topped with my Glittered scorpion....

And Number 2... My COLORFUL feathered Creation!

Thanks for looking! Comment when you've made one!