Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gee Whiz "HOMIES" Casita RE-VAMPED!

I collect “HOMIES”...

Both alive and Toys ;)

I found this little beat up house at a thrift store

and thought it would be the PERFECT housing unit to display my little 
Vato Locs.

Spray Painted and Glittered..... MEXICAN Flag Colors... and added some choice "Cholo/Vato/Chicano" motif to glue onto the background for extra spicy Flava! I chose, 
Carlos Santana, Mi Vida Loca, Blood in blood out, War, and the lowrider logo.

Get Ready... SET, VATO!


NO Casita is Complete without some Rico MEXICAN FOOD! I made this little plate out of Sculpey Clay and baked it! I Dig on the Little rolled Tortillas!!!

Oralé! Now they are stylin' and Profilin' with the Best of em'!