Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Plate Stand!

How to Make this....

˙Paint brush˙PLAIN glass plates/Little pitcher/Carafe for the base˙E-6000˙Glitter blast Spray˙Paint to match your glitter blast
˙BAD ASS Image for your plate
˙Little Doo-hickies for showing off!

Now, We Start!
Cut out your image, and MOD PODGE it to the back of your plate…

Let dry for about 15 mins…
(Don't worry, it will all be covered up in reverse!)

While its drying, fill up your little base with your findings!!! (SO FUN)

After your plate has dried, now SPRAY!!! 
GLITTER that UP!!!!

(As you can see, It is kind of "Spotty", 
so thats why you paint the back the SAME color as your glitter…)



When you E-6000 the base to the plate, make sure you have something HEAVY on it!

All Done!
Look at the NEAT stuffings!

Ain't She a BEAUT!

Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY Glass Jars into BAD ASS Vases!

Are YOU like ME and don't have the heart to throw away your Spaghetti Sauce/Salsa Jars after you're done? Do you wash them and stick them into a cabinet for Lord know WHY?  Well, My Hoarding Friend… I've got a SOLUTION!!!

All you need is:
•Tissue Paper (For gift wrapping)
•Your jar(s)
•Some watered down glue
•A paint brush
•An image you'd like to forever smile at
Glue Gun
•(OPTIONAL….Glitter, accents, etc…)

Tear pieces apart… (There are no Mistakes…)

Mix in Water with your glue...

Paint on a THIN layer onto your glass piece for your starting off point…

add one of the TORN pieces and brush on MORE of your Glue water


LAYER and LAYER until all covered...

NOW… Let dry for about a couple of hours….

Pick your image… (I LOVE pre and post GEMMA ;) )

~~~Brush on… REMEMBER THIN layers~~~

Let dry for about an hour or so, just keep an eye on it...


I LOVE a good *BLING* Border!

WAH LAH!!!!!! 
Stick some flowers in there and you have yourself a WINNER!!!!

When you do this project, LEAVE a comment with which jar/image you used!!!