Saturday, March 3, 2012

Craft Shoe re do!

Hi Ya'll!
I was Fortunate enough to go to this Wonderful event With Mister Mark Montano.

He is extraordinary....Just in case you do not already know. He is a TRUE Gem, and I enjoyed EVERY bit of my time out and about with him.

My journey began on Thursday, March 1st. My travels from Oceanside to The Hollywood area were not the best, but the excitement got me there in no time, Excitement AND the Old school Hip hop I was playing on the RADIO... LET me tell you, I was WORKING it in my car, and Actually came up with some new moves for my ZUMBA classes ;)

So, I got there, and Mark and I had my Very first try at Ethiopian food. DIVINE is an understatement, the spices, the missing utensils, UGH! Sooo YUM!
Next stop, a cute little thrift store... NICE finds. We Thrifted, vintaged, and Jewleryed...  AMAZING! These are the INCREDIBLE Finds I found. I can't WAIT to set up my Dracula.. Reminds me of Monster Squad!

Next up, The LACMA... Where Some of FRIDA'S Paintings Reside! OH my GOD! I lost it....I embraced, I cried, and I took Pictures. I had seen her Whole Exhibit before, In San francisco, However, I can See it again and Again. Her Brush strokes, her essence... AYE It was ALL there. VERY Powerful. If your in the area, I DEFINITELY Recommend see the "Surrealist"Exhibit there. FABULOUS!

LOVE this picture Of Mark. So Serious, and Artisitic!

Time For SHOE re-DO! It was held at ETSY night at the Craft and folk art Museum, and it was a BLAST! (Glitter blast intended....)

Mark With the BC girls....

Supplies GALORE!
My Cousin Cynthia Came, and Met us and Joined in on the fun! Aren't These Sock Cookies ADORABLE?!

My BEFORE Shot(glittered already)

My Finished Product. My Glittered Plain Green Pumps and my Fancy shmancy Shoe clips! 

BC Shoes gave away prizes to the Winners. and HOT DOG, I was one of them! ROCK on!

I will be doing some projects after my INSPIRED weekend BEFORE my Weekend... HA! 

Stay tuned! 

Oh Yeah, And the Next day.. Shopped for MORE Supplies! Lions, Tigers, Trims, Sequence, Bears! OH MY!!

Check out Mark's Blog While you're at it!

Viva La Vida AMAZING!

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