Thursday, January 19, 2012


My Mornings always start off with some sort of Affirmations. 

Has any one ever tried saying Affirmations? A sort of “Statement” of what your life has given you, or what you would like for it to be.
I say them and use them daily in my every day life. They assist me into the person I  am and would CONTINUE to be. 

To grow, and flourish into a better ME.

It gives me MY own hope that this life will be grand and unique. I think I am where I am because of what I believe. In myself. If there is ever any trouble, or doubt, or personal insanity in any aspect in your life, try it. It doesn’t’ hurt. My method is simple, direct, and effective. I wanted to write about this today because I know there are SO many issues and problems in this world, and in our own day to day routines. There is no room for negativity or crazy, (Well, Maybe a little Crazy, but the good crazy)
Here are some things to say (My Method is to say them out loud, it’s More effective)

*Good Day, Good Month, Good Year (Simple right?)

*This day WILL be GREAT. This day I will Love myself and others that need me

* I am beautiful. I can Do ___________.

*I have Strength. I have Courage. I WILL do.

*This day will be MY day.

So, you got the idea? Pretty straight forward. They do wonders for your day ahead, and make you realize what a Wonderful person you are / can be. It is a tool that I Love to use, and my outlook has never been better. YOU are your sanctuary. YOU hold the key to your own divine happiness. Make Today Grand. If you have any other ideas/words/affirmations to add, don’t hesitate to list them as such. Comment here or on my page! I’d love to hear them!

Be happy. Be you.



  1. Why THANK You Bro. I Hope it Helps any one who needs an UPLIFT in their day :)