Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Painting of 2012

My 6 hours of painting, from start to finish. I had this canvas, and was looking at it for a while. I usually do my backgrounds first, and then the painting comes to me visually.

I am not your “traditional” Artist, but, then again, what IS a “Traditional” artist. If you are an artist, WHO’s to say how long a painting should take, or what colors to use... Or to pencil it our first? YOU are. I ALWAYS say, Art is in the eye of the beholder, and that is the Darn truth!

Sometimes, I’m almost done with a  painting, and I HATE it, and splatter black paint on it, and then It’s GLORIOUS! Sometimes, the opposite.

Even if you are not a painter, or an artist of any kind. We ALL do things in our OWN way. Whether it be Kooky, or not. Whether it be the same as everyone else or not. This world is GREAT because of the differences we all have.

This is my 6 hour painting. Same GEE WHIZ style, different subject. I USUALLY paint and art up the ladies. I LOVE color. I wanted to create a Masculine GEE WHIZ character. I want to Show people, there is more to me and my usual paintings. I LOVe different. I LOVE change, but with the same twist. MY twist.

Here he is. My O.Gee. (Original Gangsta a la Gee Whiz)

 I hope you dig. I know I do....