Monday, February 18, 2013

Flamingo Earrings Bling

I LOVE Flamingos
I love them in all ways they are represented. 

I made some earrings... 
REALLY simple, EXTREMELY PINK, fun, & fashionable. 

This is what You'll need to make your own...

First up, you take your Stirrer, and break off the bottom part...

When it has been CAREFULLY broken off, sand it down a little
 (I forgot the sand paper in the 
"Items You'll need" Picture)

After that, take your dremel/drill & drill a smallish hole, 
big enough for a larger jump ring into the "Feathers" part of your Fancy Little Bird.

Now, GO CRaZy with gluing on some BLING, The MORE the better! (I used a tooth pick for accuracy)

After your BLING has dried.... add your Jump ring and your Earring component...

Wear it with Pride, cause YOU will be the talk of the Flamingo town!

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