Sunday, February 3, 2013

San Francisco Super bowl Fun!

GREAT day for a GAME! Especially the SUPER BOWL!

My team since I was a Youngin' is in it for the First time in 18 years!

WHEW!!!!  It's not even real to me!!!! The ALL MIGHTY SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS VS. The Baltimore Ravens. It's going to be intense, and I love it!

I decided since the last time they went, it was a big ol' ordeal in my household.... We are a family that is split down the middle of the Bay area Teams. Half and half... the 49ers and the Raiders. I thought that I'd do up the same for this time, and whip up some Spirit filled fun things for the Big day!!!

First up... Cupcake / Sandwich picks....

I printed out some "SF" Logos to cut out, and tape to the back of tooth picks. Pretty simple, and it adds so much ;)

Next up... My SPARKLY Golden High heels!!!

Glitter Blasted....


Needed a bit more glitter, so I Glued some more on, and sealed it!

Tule, earring clips, and netting... it's ON!

Adding some SPARKLE!!!!!
never too much!


Next... My DIY Nails... Featuring the Golden Gate Bridge Silhouette ;)

I had to spruce up my Earrings too! 


Win or Loose, Of Course, I'm Faithful, and FANATIC! HAPPY Game day All!!!!

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