Monday, August 27, 2012

Elisa Gonzalez Rest In Piece

I have been away...

I've been wanting to write this for a while now, and have just enough strength to see it through. I haven't been writing as much as I should. Now, I am ready to come back, and take over what took me a little bit to overcome. For the past couple of months... I, as all of us do, have been on an emotional path to where I am today. Recently, I lost my beloved GRANDmother, Elisa Navarrete Gonzalez.

She not only was the Matriarch of our family, but the love that we all bonded over. She was the one who made all of the bad go away. My most fond memories of her were always such happy and warm ones. She was always like a golden sheet that covered me with a feeling that I never knew I needed, because it was always there.

She was more than a "Grandmother" to all of us grand kids. She was more of a SUPER mother. This is what I had written for her,  as I spoke at her BEAUTIFUL and fitting funeral....

It's hard to imagine life without her. She was many, many things, "GRANDMOTHER" did not do her justice. She was/is all things wonderful. Her combination of beauty, wit, humor and kindness will stay with us at all times. She always made such a good time out of any situation. What will always stick with ME personally is the natural ability to always bring love and a smile to anyone she was in contact with. The person I am today comes from many of her traits. She excelled in everything she did, and was a natuaral healer, weather she healed with prayer, food, or just her touch or a look. What MANY of us remember her by is her sensational cooking. There was nothing like it, and we are the lucky ones that grew up with it pumping through our systems. I'm pretty sure that is where we get all of our charm. I always said she was my fashion icon, and will forever remember her style and grace. Heaven is so much more beautiful with her there. she will add to the sunrise, and with every dawn, her GOLD will shine bright.

As I wake each morning, I speak to her. I know she is with her creator, and she is having the best time. I feel it. As I drive every day, her picture is clipped to my visor, as she guides me through another wonderful day to make anything possible. WE all have our guided angles. We all have  a special place where we came from, and we all are lucky that these souls have touched our lives. VIVA la VIDA.

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