Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Congratulations to my Sister! GRADUATION DAY Crafts and Love!

Ok, I've got my jams on, and I'm Ready to ROCK and ROLL!

So, On June the 6th, 2012, My Sister, The youngest of 5 kids, graduated from high school. I remember that time in my life. The WORLD is OURS for the taking. EVERYTHING is in front of you. You ALWAYS heard "Don't take your youth for granted, You'll miss it" of course in MY case, I DID take it for granted, but, I know now, and I'm a better person for it.

I decided to make LOTS of home made stuffs for this special occasion. The story behind our immediate family is that we all took our own paths and left the coop. Whenever something like this happens, Its SO Refreshing to come together and Just have a GRAND ol' time!

I decided to make her some candy lei's and colorful cup cakes, and OF COURSE, whats a Graduations without Cool and Glittered Signage?

First up, the CANDY Lei's....These have been done for YEARS and YEARS. I remember making my other sister these for her 8th grade graduation with chocolate kisses, and they came out FABU!

Here are the supplies:

•Candies (Don't EVER be afraid of color)
• Plastic Wrap
•Gift Ribbon
•Cool Printed Duct Tape

Make your pattern... By Color, Size, etc...

I found that the EASIEST candies to do this with was the EVER POPULAR MAMBAS, because they are Square shaped and ooohhh sooo gooood!

I took the gum balls out of the wrapper and they went nicely.

WAH LAH! Here's the finished... and one for my Nephew, because he MADE it to FIRST grade... I HAD to ;)

Miss BEAUTIFUL and I  showing off her Glory! I added some ZEBRA Duct Tape around some of the candies to SPRUCE it up a bit. You can add touches too ;)

Secondly, Cupcakes... The pictures explain my process, so here goes ;)

Her signage... I went to TOWN with the Glitter, Don't be afraid, other than the fact that there will be PERMANENT Glitter in your carpet, Like mine if your not careful... I got some Foam core at the dollar store and cut the sheets in half, and taped some beach wood to the back for a GRADUATION Picket sign! Check it!

Our Nephew was SO proud!

and Finally, this was my gift to her... Some of my words of wisdom, and a daily Reminder that the World is HERS! 

Love you mamasita!

I for one am SO very proud of my Munchkin, and have all of the hope in the world for a Happy and loving life. CONGRATULATIONS Vicky! DREAM HUGE!

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