Monday, November 7, 2011

FM 94.9 (San Diego)

So, Who out there listens to FM 94.9? I'm a Oceanside resident, and have always been into this sassy alternative radio station. Well, they have this "section" if you will on every week day, at noon called the "Desert Island disks"

Basically, if you were stuck on a desert Island, and you have only THREE options on Albums (HARDLY Possible, right?) to pick, that are your "GO-TO's" these would be them....

Well, I humbly submitted my answers,and got a confirmation email that I was chosen to have my choices air! If you'd like to check it out, if you're READING this, You'll dig my choices!

This thursday, November 10th, NOON, tune in, Click on "Listen Live" on the following link:


hi I'm Erica, and Hope you'll dig my chosen sounds. Leave a comment and let mw know what YOUR Desert Islands would be :)

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