Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hendrix Valentino Kelinske

So, I am not a Technically a "Mother", However, Emotionally, Physically, and Whole Heartedly, I DO MOTHER, my Fur baby (Thanks to my Amazing Friend Amber for the term "Fur baby").

His name is Hendrix Valentino, and I am ENAMORED with him. My husband got him for us on Valentines day of this year  (Hence the "Valentino" middle name)  and Since WE are so passionate about Mister Jimi, He is our little bad ass Way of a tribute to him....

I never knew what is was like before him. Life has changed so dramatically for the better. I think about him constantly, and can not WAIT to get home just to have him around. He truly is my baby. I never realized how much work and involvement people had to put into a family pet (Or in Hendrix's case MEMBER) He is family, and I couldn't love him more than If I gave birth to him myself.

Today's Blog is dedicated to all the Hard loving FUR BABY Parents out there. I give us MAD props because WE TOO Are Parents! Sure I grew up with Family Pets, but when you have a little Fur baby of your OWN, It changes lives and worlds.

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