Friday, November 11, 2011


Fanatic Friday!
Hi I’ve decided on Fridays, My Blog will be dedicated to Something I am FANATIC about... Not just my “Like” and Whatevers, but PASSIONS. FANATIC! This First FANATIC Friday will be in dedication for my Feathery love of FLAMINGOS! Yes. Those BEAUTIFUL creatures at the beginning of the ZOO, and that Love Shrimp, and have Glorious Pink tinted feathers. I LOVE these Creatures. 

They are so Glamorous without even trying. I love them so much, I was one this Halloween. 

I love them so much I have them in my Yard (CLEARLY, My YARD is Bigger than yours.. DON’T BE JEALOUS)

I Buy them as Air fresheners in my car cause they are so DARN cute, and BECAUSE they are SO darn Cute, I recycle the Lil’ Munchkin and wear them as Jewelry!

 I paint em....

I Have them in my Office at work... (This is Francine, and She gets Dressed for EVERY Holiday)

I Drink out of them. 

Suffice it to say. Hi, I’m Erica, and I’m CRAZY for Flamingos.

Thanks for Reading. Now, Go , Have a Shrimp Cocktail, and Stand with one leg bent. MAKE your Statement! My Flamingos do ;)

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